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Let's Get Technical- Fit Faux Pas - Isabel Marant's Carol Studded Sandal

November 21, 2016

I love the look of these shoes!!! However, as I saw people wearing them, I noticed the "saggy strap syndrome" let's discuss!!!   By the way, it's totally a coincidence that the last 3 posts featured shoes with studs...I must be obsessed...jeez!!!.  Anyway, I love the manageable heel height and the studs make them special.  However, it was clear that there is a fit problem.   I think the intent of the designer was for the straps to fit high on the ankle, like the picture above on the right.  The problem is the ankle straps (Strap B. & C.)  are not snug enough, especially with the weight of all the studs, to keep the strap in the intended position...causing "saggy straps" or "strap gap"!  The easy fix is to just shorten Strap A.  Also the ankle strap (Strap C.) is too loose as well.  As a shoe designer, you know how you want the shoe to look on the foot...and you have to decide if your vision is worth sacrificing fit.  Decreasing the length of Strap A. will change the look somewhat, but that change does not take away from the design and you eliminate the unsightly strap gap.   There also needs to be more adjustability of the ankle straps so that you can tighten to fit better.  These issue would deter me from wearing this shoes, but they are so darn cute!  Good thing they have a much more strap friendly style update that seems to have solved the strap gap with the Jaeryn Studded Sandals. See below where the ankle straps are much lower and the strap gap minimal.  Check out the no stud version at Barney's.




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